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Beeyard 11/14/11

Posted 11/14/2011 5:09pm by Tony & Becky Hogg.

Another year in the beeyad is winding down.  Not at all happy with where we are. Too danged hot, dry and what a dearth of nectar and pollen for the late summer. A little tropical weather would have been nice.  Looks like we are about 25 inches or so behind in rainfall.  Now I am hoping for a little cooler weather to slow foraging down along withthe need for asa much stores.  Noticed the bees shut down on brood rearing a lot earlier this year.  I am asumming a lot of environmental factors but I also ran a lot of Carniolan/VSH cross queens so I am wondering if this is alos a factor. 

Norht Fl Fair has come and gone with another good honey show sponsored by the Aplachee Beekeepers Assn.  We won a few ribbons so we are happy for that. 

Persimmons are really getting ripe now,  nothing better than a ripe persimmon. 

Got the wood heater fired up already.  Yes it gets cold in North Florida.  Last year we burned about 5 cords of wood.

The winter solstice is a little over 5 weeks away and with it we will start a new bee season.  There is a lot to do to get ready.